Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh, the Places I this Job

It's a regular event for the thought "Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be doing this" to cross my mind here at NPH Guatemala. Here's the latest example.

Earlier this week, I spent some quality time with the one hundred twenty-something pigs that NPH owns. And I sort of fell in love with the little cuties.

Starting in July, I've taken on another job here at the house: Proyectos. The volunteer who was working in Proyectos left in June, and I ended up taking over from her. The Proyectos department creates projects that the house is in need of (curtains for the kids' rooms, English supplies, a new pick-up truck), puts together descriptions, photos, and cost estimates, and then connects the projects with NPH fundraising offices all around the world in order to find someone who wants to fund them. It's a cool way to donate to a specific interest, donate only as much as you want, and know exactly where your money is going.

The language of NPH International is English, so all Proyectos have to be presented in English, which is where I come in. In addition to random other Proyecto assistance, I'm the go-to girl for writing up Proyectos that will convince you we're really in need of the donation without making you vomit at any over-the-top sappiness. It's a fine line I walk, friends.

And this week, we're working on a project to build new pig pens! Ismar and I took a stroll over to the pig pens to snap some photos and get some Proyecto info, and I ended up being the one squealing about how cute some of these piglets were. A-dorable.

Seriously, the things I do here.

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