Friday, July 23, 2010

The Last 10 Minutes

$%$# #*&%! Various Spanish swear words. That's what Letizia heard coming from my room a few weekends ago. That, followed by, "IT WON'T LET ME WATCH THE LAST 10 MINUTES! $%$#, #*&%, various Spanish swear words."

Letizia thought something was seriously wrong -- something horrible and grave and life-altering. And she was right. The bootleg copy of Avatar that I'd been watching cut out at the last 10 minutes.

Before you say it, I know: very mature, Carrie. But, if you're saying that, I bet you haven't seen Avatar, so hah.

Anyway, after completing my full-out temper tantrum that morning, I pouted for a few hours and then searched all the other volunteer houses to see if someone else had a copy of the movie. Nooo luck. Gahhhhh. I endured two long weeks of having no clue how the movie ended, and the rest of the girls in my house spent those two long weeks making fun of me for it. Thanks, guys.

Well FINALLY, on Sunday, I splurged, coughed up the 15 Q ($1.87), and bought another bootleg Avatar DVD in the market in Antigua. I closed my eyes and made Leeah confirm on the vender's TV that the ending, in fact, worked, and then I carefully placed the disk in my purse for the trip home. Uh uh, I wasn't taking any chances.

And yes, since you're dying to know, it worked! Leeah, Katie, and I watched the movie this week, and my life is now complete with the knowledge of what happened during those last 10 minutes. Best 15 Q I ever spent.


Lindsey Bestebreurtje said...

Really 2.0? Avatar? The movie whose working title could have easily been "Dances with Smurfs"? I just judged you a little... but I still love you. And I guess I can understand because I freak when TIVO doesn't get the last 2 minutes of the Kardashians... its just frustrating not being able to see the end. Want a care package with a REAL Avatar DVD in it?

Carrie said...

Kardashians? I just judged YOU a little. :)

Stephanie said...

So, should I try watching it a second time? The first time I tried I fell asleep halfway through. But then I haven't made it to the end of many movies since baby #2 was born! Love you!! You make me laugh!

Leeah said...


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