Monday, July 12, 2010

Lake Again

You can't really get enough of Lake Atitlan. For beautiful views (a.k.a. swimming underneath volcanoes), delicous food (a.k.a. Guajimbo's and the caramel cappuccinos at Cafe Mocha), and just all-out relaxation (a.k.a. a town full of very chill hippies), there's no better place in Guatemala.

Sam, Maria, and I spent the weekend at the lake again (I think this was my fourth time at the lake this year?) visiting our good friend Cheryl for her last weekend in Guatemala. She's about to move to Nicaragua -- but don't worry, we'll be visiting her there too later this fall. :)


Over and over again, people claim that Lake Atitlan is the most beautiful lake in the world. Looks about right, doesn't it?

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