Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Books

It's starting. The NPH Guatemala books. I wrote in my first one last night. This is scary, people!

After you've been at NPH Guatemala for six months, you officially receive your very own book. It's one of those cute, colorful, pattern-covered ones with Guatemala scribbled in the bottom right-hand corner that you see all over the markets. It's sort of an unofficial gift from the house that says "Congratulations. You've made it six months. Here's your book. You're officially one of us."

And while the books can be found scattered throughout the houses year-round, they're really only used twice a year: in January and July when old volunteers leave.

In January and July, the books become photo albums, shout-out boards, and message centers. All the leaving volunteers write in the books of those staying, and those staying write in the books of those leaving. By the time your time is up at NPHG, you'll have a book packed with pictures, drawings, notes, and jokes  -- all the best memories from your year (or more) here.

So, I officially had my first book-writing moment last night -- Ellen leaves NPHG on Friday. This. Is. Really. Happening.

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