Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Moment Shared Over Hair

Last night at dinner, Irma from my section came up to me and whispered, "Carrie, I want to know how to do my hair like you."

(Important hair details: your basic middle section pulled back, bobby pinned, and poofed just the slightest bit. Not looking especially good yesterday either, just FYI.)

"Ok, I'll teach you when we're back in the section after dinner. Sound good?"

"Yes. But make sure you only teach me, because everyone else is going to want to copy it."

After dinner in the section, Irma pulls me aside when no one is looking, drags me into the bathroom and pulls me down to the mirrors at the farthest end -- as far away as possible from everyone else hahaha.

"Alright Irma, grab a section of your hair, put the bobby pins in so that they make an X, and then poof it up just a little piece at a time until you think it looks good. Got it?"

"YES! I can't wait to wear my hair like this to school!"


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