Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oops. But Still Here.

So yeah, I'm pretty behind on blogging this week. I assure you though, I am still alive and kicking and happy and busy.

Yes, I have still been sitting at my office computer pretty much all day every day this week, so there's really no good excuse there for not signing into Blogger and typing a little something up. Hmm. I guess the only excuse I  have right now is: July is just weird.

July begins. Eleven new volunteers get here. It's a smack in the face that this whole old-people-leaving-new-people-coming thing is actually real. When the old people leave in a matter of days, the house isn't going to be the same without them. The section isn't going to be the same without them. Sitting at my office desk awaiting daily stop-in-and-say-hi's isn't going to be the same without them. I have absolutely no doubt that the next six months with a new group will be amazing in their own way, but right now I can't stop thinking about how they won't be the same.

When you're here, your NPH world becomes small and close-knit and comfortable. You live each and every day, ups and downs, with about 20 other volunteers who are all in your same boat, and that's a pretty small boat. So when the mid-year point comes along and replaces half of them, you wonder (against what common sense and a long history of volunteer groups tell you) how your NPH world can even possibly survive that kind of change. I know, it's stupid. But in the moment, we feel what we feel. 

So yeah, in all of this mess, the blog has been caught in the crossfire. But when every moment of the day feels like a "last something as we know it," I'd rather be putting a little less obsessive energy into tending to my blog and a little more obsessive energy into just being here. :)

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