Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Might Be Wondering: What the Heck Is My Job? Guatemalan office!
Ok, here you go.

I am the Home Correspondent for NPH Guatemala. NPH is an international organization with sites in 9 countries, and each site is required to have a Home Correspondent. To copy straight from my job description, “The main task of the Home Correspondent is to provide the public, NPH International and fundraiser with any required information. The responsibilities of the Home Correspondent include writing articles, annual reports, website updates, calendar updates, directory updates, and photos.”

So, it’s only day 2 right now, but I think I can expect a normal week to involve writing stories (news stories, profiles of employees, volunteers, kids), updating calendars and directories, taking photos of tons of different events around the home, and managing all of these updates on the NPH Guatemala website.

I’m excited for the job. I virtually have no boss (the National Director is the person I consider “boss”), and although I technically work an 8:00-5:30 office schedule, I’m expected to be out and about taking photos and covering events as needed. I have no daily or weekly quotas – just story and photo numbers I need to meet every month – so as long as I get my work done, I basically make my own schedule. And yeah, did I mention INTERNET?? All the other volunteers are very jealous haha. Ooh, and other perks: I get a fancy camera and video camera. Not too bad!

Now, I am still pretty nervous about the fact that all activities/events/interviews/methods of getting information for stories will be in Spanish. Hmm. This should be fun.

So that’s the job in a nutshell! More questions? My new little office area is nice enough, but it’s certainly no SPC! (No prop sales here haha) :)

One other lovely item: the school year here still doesn’t start for a few weeks, so there are constantly kids running in and out of our offices touching things and asking questions. I’m going to need some serious adjustment time before I get used to 10 year-olds constantly hovering over my shoulder while I check email or repeatedly breaking the hinges on my scanner because they won’t listen to me when I say to stop playing with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: patience. (I’m working on it.)

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