Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Freak Out, But We Had an Earthquake Today

The title pretty much says it all. There was an earthquake here today. But, it was tiny. No one was harmed and nothing was damaged. When I Googled it, the news did say it registered as a 6.0, which is fairly strong, but it was really deep under the earth, so we only felt slight shaking.

But yeah, it was the craziest feeling ever. We were all in the middle of an assembly this morning to kick off the first day of the school year, and all of a sudden the entire building started shaking. It only lasted maybe 5 seconds, and it wasn't very strong -- the assembly kept right on going.

It definitely happened though. Everyone started looking around at each other and motioning that the room was shaking. I've never experienced an earthquake before, and it was just such a strange feeling -- to have the entire earth move underneath you. Welcome to Guatemala!

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Mallory said...

AHH An earthquake!!?? So scary! Glad everything's ok! Earthquakes are really strange..I've only been through one when I was younger, but it's definitely one of those things you never forget!

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