Friday, January 29, 2010

Now It's Official: I Am the Published Home Correspondent

Today, the articles I've been writing are finally starting to be published on the NPH website! It's official! I am the Home Correspondent, and I'm actually doing work!

Now, these aren't of incredibly high-caliber journalism, and they aren't incredibly clever either. My job is to make sure donors, potential volunteers, NPH godparents, and other interested parties can check in and see what's going on here. NPH articles are meant to be informative but enjoyable to read, and they serve as PR for the organization. They sort of have a style all their own.

But by all means, read them if you'd like! I'm planning on posting them all here, so help yourself. :)

Farewell to Our Volunteers - NPH Guatemala says goodbye to nine volunteers.

New Volunteers for 2010 - Meet NPH Guatemala's new volunteers.

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