Monday, January 25, 2010

I Guess This Means I'm In the Club

When I started working here in the office at NPH, one of the leaving volunteers told me that "Doña Eugenia -- she takes care of you."

Doña Eugenia is sort of like the "office mom." She cleans, makes sure there is always coffee and tea in the kitchen for us, and (once you've, for lack of a better word, been "accepted" into the office's family) she randomly brings you little presents of food and fresh flowers. She is awesome.

This morning, I bumped into her in the kitchen, and she offered me a piece of the pastel de zanahoria (carrot cake) she was slicing up and passing out to the office. Yum, so good.

And just now, she came into our office with vases of fresh calla lilies. It's normal for her to give one to Vilma, the full-time employee who works across me from, but today I got a vase on my desk too!

I guess this means I'm in the club. Love it. :)

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