Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Volcán Fuego

From the NPH home, we look out every day at two gorgeous volcanoes: Volcán Agua and double-peaked Volcán Acatenango. There is a third volcano too, Volcán Fuego, but we can’t see it from our location because it’s hidden behind Acatenango.

Fuego is still active (just in the puffs of smoke kind of way, not in the spewing lava everywhere kind of way), and it’s a normal occurrence in this area of the highlands to look up and see smoke billowing from its peak.

I just witnessed this for the first time the other day, so here are a couple of fun pics! Remember that Fuego is hidden behind Acatenango, so that’s why the smoke is off-center.


Looking out from my office towards the arched entranceway to NPH.

Semi-creepy photo taken by one of my co-workers from behind the statue of  NPH's founder.


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