Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Exhausted. That's what I am today. Completely, wholly, emotionally exhausted.

Leeah left yesterday, and Katie left this morning. They spent 17 months at NPH Guatemala, and now they're back to the States to figure out exactly what comes next.

And here, left behind in our house without them, I feel absolutely exhausted. My whole body hurts from crying (is that too embarrassing to publish on a blog?), and I just feel drained. 

It's kind of crazy that a person can feel alone while surrounded by almost 300 energy-filled kids, but apparently that's what happens when two seemingly small, but very key parts of your experience are taken away from you. I've come home to Merleeah and Kaitlyn after every good, bad, crazy, calm, frustrating, or exciting day for the past 11 months. So what happens now? After all, what's an experience without incredible people to share it with?

Yes, I know I'm being dramatic. But just let me, ok? Miss you girls. This will not be the same without ya.

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Leeah said...

Carebear! I miss you too!

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