Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Intra-Office Flirting

My office desk sits in a funny location.

To my 1 o'clock sits a teenage boy from within NPH who is studying in high school but working in our office during the months of summer vacation.

To my 11 o'clock sits a pretty girl from outside NPH who has recently started interning in our office while another employee is on maternity leave.

All day long, every day, the two of them sneak looks at each other, as well as reasons to start up conversations. It started out slow, but the flirting increases daily. This morning, they even progressed so far as to greet either other with a Buenos días and a kiss on the cheek. Talk about intense!

Ay, ay, ay. I'm basically privy to my own personal telenovela every day. Oh, NPH Guatemala.

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