Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Nicaragua Workshop!

 The group. Que guapos.

So, as you know, I spent last week in Nicaragua at the NPH Nicaragua home! NPH International hosted a week-long workshop for all Home Correspondents and Project Coordinators so that we could meet up face-to-face and discuss our jobs, our difficulties, and our ideas on how to keep improving things.

It was an awesome week. We spent most of our time at NPH Nicaragua's San Jorge location, where their office and visitors' house is located. While I looooooved the warm, tropical weather and the incredible food Chef Eva fed us every day, we all agreed the best part of the experience was actually meeting everyone from the other homes.

All nine NPH homes (Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and Bolivia) are very different from one another. It was incredibly interesting to spend a week comparing, learning, and swapping thoughts about our houses, our jobs, and our volunteer programs. We all came back with tons of fresh new ideas.

As different as they are, however, all nine NPH homes still encounter the same problems, frustrations, and conflicts. It was also incredibly therapeutic to spend a week realizing there are eight other people just like me, in my same job, about to lose their sanity just as often as I am. We all came back with the wonderful feeling of I am not in this crazy experience alone.

So, here's to a great workshop week at NPH Nicaragua. Here's to new friends spread over 9 different countries, inspiring discussions about the work we do, and exciting developments in the Home Correspondent...I mean Communications Officer job position. And here's to being reminded that being part of NPH means being part of something that extends far beyond tiny Parramos, Guatemala.

 Guatemala and Honduras! Roomies for the week! 
The lovely visitors' house where we stayed.
NPH Nicaragua's new property -- they're building a completely new house.
The new house is built village-style with kids living in lots of small homes.
Mid-walk to the bar, it started absolutely pouring. We had to take shelter in some random woman's living room. Awkward. Here: Jane, Kristina, and Danielle wait out the rain.
Loved these friendly signs.
Mid-walk to visit the Babies' House, we encountered a river in the road. Hmm.
 Babies' House! Baby-sized pews. :)
 The Babies' House at NPH Nicaragua -- right on the shores of the lake.
 The babies gave us an adorable song and dance presentation.
 Dance party with the babies!

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