Friday, March 12, 2010

Tomorrow Marks Week 12

Tomorrow marks week 12 since I left a wintery Louisville and began this Guatemalan journey. I know, I know, 12 weeks isn't really that long. But, out of my 13 months here, that means I'm one-fifth of the way done. Where did that time go?!

Twelve weeks. That's really strange to think about, especially when I compare it to all my other life adventures so far.

Well let's see, a semester at William & Mary was 15 weeks. My time abroad in Greece was also 15. That best-job-ever-best-intern-class-ever-OH-EIGHT (wow I am abnoxious) summer in the 'burg was about 12. New York was only 6, and Birmingham was maybe 19. At week 12 in all these other exciting experiences of my life, I would have felt like the end was racing to a much-too-soon end. Now, I feel like I nearly just got here!

It's pretty hard for me to even imagine an adventure that lasts an entire year -- I really have trouble wrapping my head around it. These 13 months in our tin-roofed volunteer house with no sink in the kitchen where I live off of about $1.60 per day will be the longest I have slept in the same bed since...high school?

So right now, at week 12, it sort of feels like my mind is sub-consciously preparing itself to pack up and head off to the next big thing. Let's be honest, it doesn't know much else haha. But not so fast -- we're not going anywhere for a while. :)

Twelve weeks! So crazy!

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