Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Spanish-language translations of English-language movie titles crack me up.

Un Nerd Enamorado ("A Nerd in Love") is I Love You, Beth Cooper. Triunfos Robados ("Stolen Victories") is Bring It On.

My favorite, just because I like the way the word rolls off the tongue, is the movie Twilight in Spanish. It's Crepúsculo.

Crepúsculo. CrePUSculo. Crepúsculo, Crepúsculo, Crepúsculo!

The kids here love it, and I love saying it. They think Rob Pattison is such a hunk, and I think the high-pitched, hyper female Spanish voice dubbed over Kristen Stewart's emo self is just too hilarious. 

Yes kids, we can watch Crepúsculo as many times as you want. :)

Leti and I also got a big kick out of the fact that her Spanish-language camera has a "Crespúsculo" setting for night photos. Here we are being creepy and taking Crepúsculo shots of the moon. We're easily entertained. :)

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