Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monterrico and Adorable Baby Sea Turtles

This past weekend, all the volunteers took a salida (trip) to the beach! We took our half days on Friday and headed off to Monterrico! (Which around town was also sometimes spelled Monterico, or Monte Rico, or even Monte Ricco. Apparently, they don’t believe in standardization.)

The trip included:
  • The hottest weather I have ever experienced in my entire life. We’re talking almost unbearably HOT. At one point during Saturday night’s dinner, the restaurant owner brought all 20 something of us fans from the kitchen. It felt like you were living in a sauna all weekend.
  • Beautiful sunsets over the Pacific.
  • Delicious breakfast parfaits and even more delicious licuados (smoothies). I think I ordered approximately three licuados per day.
  • Adorable baby sea turtles! On Saturday, we visited Monterrico's sea turtle hatchery (run by the University of San Carlos). March is pretty late in sea turtle hatching season here, so we actually lucked out! This was the last weekend you could pay $1.50 to pick a baby sea turtle, bring it out onto the beach at sunset, and let it race against its friends into the ocean for its maiden trip to sea! IT WAS SO COOL. Oh, and my turtle won the race!
I'm short on blogging time today, so that's all for the Monterrico wrap-up! Enjoy all these pics though (half of which I stole from Sam). :)

Had to bring the new jellies.

Swings at the hostel!

Adorable baby sea turtles!

My little guy.

Nicole -- super excited for her turtle!

Sam and her turtle.

Turtle with both his hands up in the air.

Nicole's turtle had some issues getting into the ocean.

And a video! If you look closely, you can see the turtles racing into the ocean. But, you mostly just hear me screaming that mine is winning. Also, sorry I kept turning the camera. :)

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