Monday, March 15, 2010

Jelly Shoes!

Yeah, I know. I am fully prepared for all the teasing. Bring it on.

But it's true, on my trip to the famous market in Chichi this weekend, I bought...jelly shoes. Remember those? From the 80s? We all ran around our backyards wearing these when we were about five years old?

Well now, the jellies are making a least in Guatemala.

When I first got here, I noticed right away that all the girls in my section wear jelly shoes after they change out of their school uniforms. I thought it was hilarious (I mean, I hadn't seen a pair in like what, 20 years?), but I also sort of thought, "Hey, those look cute on them!"

So, it sort of became a joke among friends that I wanted to buy some. Seriously. Ok, not seriously. But, actually, yeah, seriously.


I bought them in the middle of Chichi's market, showed them off to all the laughing volunteers yesterday, and am already excited to bring them to the beach this weekend. Just wait, they'll be showing up in the pages of Vogue before you all know it.

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A said...

Do they hurt like the old ones do? I remember that happening when I was little...

Can't wait to see you in Cosmo!

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