Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cerro de La Cruz

On a hill overlooking Antigua, there's a small park with a large cross. It's called "Cerro de La Cruz." You can see it from any spot in the city. From up on the hill, you can see the entire town of Antigua, framed in the background by giant Volcan Agua. It's gorgeous, and after going there this past weekend, it's my new favorite place in Guatemala.

Years ago, tourists were warned under no circumstances to ever walk up to Cerro de La Cruz without a police escort. It was way too dangerous. Today, things are different, and the hillside is full of families cooking out and kids playing soccer.

Pictures do this place way more justice than all my rambling could, so see for yourself!

P.S. Greece gals, this reminded me soooo much of climbing up to the top of Lykavettus Hill in Athens. :)

Lots of Guatemalan police around = safe. P.S. The sign says "No cutting trees." Darn.

Leti and visiting friend Tamara!

The NPH girls who made the hike. :)

Cheryl FINALLY agreed to hug the giant cross with me haha.

Roomies enjoying Cerro de La Cruz!

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