Friday, August 20, 2010

I’ve Been Waiting All Week for This Meal

Hah, this blog post will not be what you’re expecting.

I’ve been waiting all week for dinner to be black beans, platanos, and cream. Not kidding.

NPH International is making a picture book about “a day in the life” of each NPH home; it’s a really cute idea. When it’s finished, the kids from each house will be able to learn about the food, culture, favorite activities, etc. of their peers in the other NPH countries.

I’ve already interviewed Fidelia to represent Guatemala’s “day in the life” info, but now I’m busy gathering photos of things she mentioned. Soccer ball: check. Picture of her and her sisters: check. Scenic photo of the volcanoes surrounding NPHG: check. Her favorite dinner of black beans, platanos, and cream: no check. Why is it that they can serve us beans every meal for every day for a week straight, yet not serve a single bean when I really need it?!

Anyway, I finally got my photo last night! The girls thought I was crazy as I tried my best to style the plate and snap a few shots, but oh well. Dinner photo: check!

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