Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elise is Visiting!

Hey people! GUESS WHAT.


Elise, best study abroad friend from those four utopian months we spent in Athens, Greece, is making a trip to Guatemala in September!

I repeat, Elise, fellow lover of all things Greek, giant beans fanatic, weekly Melissouzer dinner hostess, Ciao chocolate croissants at all hours of the day enthusiast, “We might get deported for this” trip to Istanbul risk-taker, Prague soda explosion witness, Pink Palace survivor who lived to tell about it, and general travel buddy for life, is making a trip to Guatemala in September!!!!!

As I told her, I can’t wait to share my second big abroad experience with my closest friend from my first, so needless to say, I’m pumped! :D

 Athens -- before seeing Mamma Mia!

Budapest! You know you've found a good travel buddy when she'll agree to get her face painted with you.

 Istanbul! Where we fell in love with apple tea and avoided deportation. :)

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