Friday, August 20, 2010

It’s the Miss NPH Guatemala Pageant!

It’s been a busy week of activities here, phew. To celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the NPHG school, yesterday marked the annual Miss NPH Guatemala Pageant!

Twenty girls competed this year, representing each class in the school, and they participated in a sportswear round, an evening wear round, and an interview round. For the girls, it was a chance to get all dolled up, strut their stuff, and show everyone what they’ve got. For the rest of us, it was a chance to scream and cheer and hoot and holler as if we were at a Final Four championship game.

They crowned a “Niña de NPH” and “Niña de Deportes (Sports) NPH” from the primary school, and a “Señorita de NPH” and “Señorita de Deportes NPH” from the middle school. Ericka took home the day’s top honor – Señorita de NPH, and since she borrowed my cowboy boots to wear for the sportswear category, I take some responsibility for the win. Oh, obviously just kidding. :)

Estefania shows off her soccer moves.

Some karate for the sportswear category!

Juana's grand entrance!

And the crowd goes wild. :)

Abner and Jazmin make 6th grade's entrance.

Conchita works the crowd.

Outgoing winners Rocio, Pilar, and Yesenia

Audience shot

Photo with Juana!

Glendy's interview. Awwww.

Fatima introduces herself.

Ericka selects her interview question.

Pilar passes her crown to Ericka -- the new Señorita de NPH!

The winners!

 And the girls gather outside. (Lourdes seems to be missing!)

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