Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

One of my absolute favorite parts of our monthly magazine, X-PRES-ARTE, is the Escuch-Arte section. It's basically just a shout-out board -- and it's completely hilarious.

In the weeks before we put the magazine together, kids from throughout the house can write notes -- signed or anonymous -- and put them in the X-PRES-ARTE comment boxes we've set up around NPH.

Here are some of my favorites from this issue. Keep in mind that elementary and middle schoolers are writing this stuff haha.

De: Rivaldo y Jairon
Maria Jose, gracias por tu comida y gracias por venir a compartir con nosotros; nos gusta tanto tu comida que quisiéramos que nos dieran más.

From: Rivaldo and Jairon
Maria Jose (chef), thank you for your food and thank you for coming here to share with us. We like your food a lot and we would like for you to give us more.

Entrevista a Esmerelda:
¿Nombre completo?
¿De donde vienes?
-De Chimaltenango.
¿Quienes son tus amigas?
-Linda, Mariela, Ana, Felipe, Vilda, y Miguel
¿Tienes novio?
-No, ni lo pienso tener.

Interview with Esmerelda:
Full name?
Where are you from?
-From Chimaltenango.
Who are your friends?
-Linda, Mariela, Ana, Felipe, Vilda, and Miguel
Do you have a boyfriend?
-No, and I don't think I want to have one either.

Para: Jorge
De: ...
No te das cuenta de las personas que te aman, y para cuando te des cuenta de la persona especial que en verdad te valora ya será demasiado tarde y te arrepentirás.

For: Jorge
You don't realize that people love you, and when you do realize there is a special person that loves you, it will be too late and you will live to regret it.

Para: Yocaren
De: Anónimo
Las estrellas son astros que brillan con luz igual que ellas, tú, posees una luz especial que te permite iluminar todo lo que te rodea. Mira al cielo, hay millones de estrellas hermosas...

For: Yocaren
From: Anonymous
The stars are heavenly bodies that shine with their own light...and like them, you possess a special light that allows you to illuminate everything around you. Look at the sky, there are millions of beautiful stars...

Para: Dolman
De: Dania
Hola, ¿cómo estás? Espero que no te hayas enojado conmigo. Yo te quiero mucho. Mi ojo derecho, yo te quiero decir si quieres estar conmigo.

For: Dolman
From: Dania
Hi, how are you? I hope that you haven't been mad at me. I love you a lot. My right eye, I want you to say if you want to be with me.

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