Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I have tons of writing to do at work this week, we have Quinceañera practice every day, and I'm trying to put together vacation plans for me and Roxy for next week! Things are busy around here!

Roxy gets here Friday! In just two days!
Saturday we're exploring Antigua!
Sunday is Quinceañeras!
Monday, we take off for Rio Dulce!
Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll be kayaking, hiking, swimming, and enjoying our jungle hostel!
Thursday, we're off to Semuc Champey (for my second time)! Katie and Sarah -- two friends from NPH -- are meeting us there!
Friday in beautiful Semuc!
Saturday, we head back home.
Sunday, Roxy leaves and I work this year's second Día de Visitas at NPH.
Then it's basically July. HELLO.

I have an exciting next few weeks coming up!

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