Thursday, December 22, 2011

Screeeeech. Change of Plans.

Hello, lovely readers. It’s Carrie. Remember me? I’m sorry I deserted you so suddenly over the past few days. But today I have some news.

Well, I’m leaving. I’m leaving my job and I’m leaving Honduras.


Now before you accuse me, this wasn’t an impulsive decision. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. If you want the truth, I’ve not only been thinking, but I’ve also been pondering and analyzing and rationalizing and contemplating and weighing options and designing pro and con lists for quite a while now.

(Reader: But Carrie, I had no idea! I’m a devoted follower of your blog, and I had NO idea! How did I have NO idea?

Me: You see, that’s the funny thing about blogging. With time, we start to figure out what it is you want to hear.)

I’m not going to write about the nitty gritty reasons I decided to leave. It’s not what’s important. Here’s what is important:

You only live once.

Come onnnnnn. I say that all the time. You’re sick of it. But today, just listen.

You only live once. What I’m usually saying when I rattle off that mantra is to take adventures, visit new places, plan crazy trips, play hookie, live overseas, face fears, be a weirdo!

What I haven’t been saying are the things I’ve always just assumed went hand-in-hand with all that adventuring. Be energized and inspired, and laugh a freakin’ lot. Experience challenge and frustration in a good way. Feel exhilaratingly free and feel downright alive.

Did you catch that? “I always just assumed.” You know what they say about assuming.

Some day, one day, there may come a time when your plan goes slightly off course. Your adventure may leave you feeling all the complete opposites of energized, inspired, laughing, challenged, free, and alive. When that happens – if that happens – and you’ve exhausted all your “How can I change this?” arsenal, I think you have to stop and ask yourself:

What am I doing here? Is this what I should be doing right now?

If the answer isn’t what the adventure-planner-and-follow-through-er in you wants to hear, well then guess what? That’s okay. Does it suck to realize? Hell yes. But is it the end of the world? Nope. Breathe deep. It’s really not.

You get one life. Uno. You get to live it once. Whether you’re on your third round-the-world trip or still living in the house you were raised in, the point of each day should be exactly the same – seeking all that energy and inspiration and laughter and freedom and alive.  

And if those things aren’t where you thought they’d be, then, I don’t know. It might be time to look somewhere else.

So, folks, there’s been a change of plans.  :)

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