Monday, December 5, 2011

Spontaneous Tegus Trip!

Hello everyone! We're back from the weekend! Hope yours was lovely, and here's the rundown on mine:

This weekend, I had my first spontaneous overnight trip to Tegus!

Tegus (the shortened form of Tegucigalpa) is the capital of Honduras. It's the country's largest city, and like most international capitals in this area, it's considered to be crowded, dirty, and dangerous. It's also our only tie to civilization out here, and at an hour away, it's the closest place we can access grocery stores, post offices, banks...real life.

It's also the place volunteers and staff sometimes make a quick escape to! Not because the city is particularly beautiful (you remember I described it as crowded, dirty, and dangerous, right?), but because it's a change of pace! And a much needed one. :)

Well, Friday morning I got a call from a few other girls here saying they were heading into Tegus for the night for some good food and errand running. They let me tag along, and we were off that afternoon!

We spent the remainder of Friday afternoon and night -- eating. That's always a great vacation in my book. We grabbed a late lunch at Wendy's, discovered caramel lattes and carrot cake cupcakes at Espresso Americano, and then stocked up on beer. We headed back to our hotel, brought the cervezas up to the roof, and enjoyed our drinks over gossip, venting, girl talk, and a sunset that actually made Tegus look picturesque.

Later, we ate a super fancy, super delicious Italian dinner of bruschetta, grilled vegetables (do you know how big of a deal it is for us to get grilled, seasoned veggies???), and pizza with ricotta cheese and arugula. We completed the night with a drink at Chili's -- yes, the U.S. chain restaurant -- because apparently, that's where Hondurans go on Friday nights. The place was bumpin. Seriously, Chili's really is the party spot. Daiquiris may have only been $1.50, but the experience was still weird.

Saturday morning we continued the eating binge with Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, and then we ran errands, explored, and did some grocery shopping before heading back to the Ranch that afternoon.

All in all, such a fun Tegus trip! I was definitely ready for a night off the Ranch, and a trip spent with good company and good food always puts me in a good mood. :)

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