Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lightning Bugs

Lightning bug = Luciérnaga

Every single night, without fail, the lightning bugs make me really happy.

Every night, at about 5:50, I walk from my room over to the kitchen to get dinner. Every single time, as soon as I cross the little bridge that leads into the dirt path that winds through the grass, I see 'em. The lightning bugs!

Every single time, it catches me by surprise. I'm thinking about how I'm starving or how I should have brought my flashlight (crap), and then I notice the little glowing pinpricks hovering right above the grass. Nearly every time, even when walking alone (yes, I'm awkward), I squeak out loud, "Ah! Lightning bugs!"

I guess I didn't expect to find lightning bugs in Honduras. Or I didn't expect to find them out and about in December. I can't remember the last place/time I consistently saw lightning bugs, but they're here -- every single night.

I believe it's a good-ol'-USA fact that lightning bugs conjure up images of summer and freedom and youth and barefoot-ness (word?) Well, it holds true here too, even in the middle of rural Honduras.

I hope the lightning bugs stick around through the cooler months. Because for one millisecond every single night, those little glowing butts make me so freakin' happy. :)

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