Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reason #7 for Bringing Back the Blog

Reason #7: Blogging to stay positive.

For whatever reasons, I tried to make it a point to keep my blog positive during my time in Guatemala.

Maybe it was because I was representing a volunteer organization and wanted to keep my public trash-talking to a minimum. Maybe it was because nobody likes a whiner, in person or via blog. Or maybe it was because of that whole "when you look back, you won't remember the bad things -- only the good things" mentality that made me think twice about whether I really wanted the future 40 year-old me to have to look back on published rants I'd already long forgotten about.

But regardless of the why, my blogging philosophy became one of positives. It was a daily exercise in which I forced myself to either find something good about my crappy day or turn the something crappy into something lighthearted and publishable.

Challenging at times? Yes. Yet incredibly healthy on a mental level? Quadruple yes. Which brings me to Reason #7.

It's safe to say I'm at my whiniest life stage yet right now. (I'm living at home, broke, basically friendless, and without an exact plan with an exact time frame. You don't want to get me started...) I tend to answer most How are you? questions with one of those drawn-out Fiiiiiiiine's that's actually asking your permission to let me whine about how not fine I am, and I know you're all getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of it.

Well! Time to change that. Maybe. Right?

So with Reason #7, I propose a toast. To more blogging, and less whining. :)

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