Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Random But Amusing Things About Guatemala

Ok, sorry folks, I'm not feeling very clever right now. Nor am I feeling like writing for too long. I'm actually swamped with work this week (in a good way though -- you know I love to-do lists!), so I should probably be doing more work and less blogging. However, I've become way too addicted to this more-or-less daily blogging. So, here is today's (somewhat lackluster, but maybe entertaining?) entry!

1. Random But Amusing Thing #1

The Yellow Pages phone book in our office. One day last week, we were cleaning out and rearranging our office setup (my desk is now over in a much quieter corner, not practically in the doorway anymore -- woohoo!), and I saw a copy of the Guatemalan Yellow Pages being tossed around. I had to snap a photo. Guatemala would have a giant drawing of the Mayan ruins at Tikal on the back cover of the book haha. Love it.

2. Random But Amusing Thing #2

Last weekend on our errand-running to Chimal, we visited Chimaltenango's equivalent of the Dollar Store. It's called "Hogar Feliz," which is hilarious enough on its own (translation = Happy Home). Hogar Feliz has the most random stuff (read, junk), but it is pretty darn cheap. Anyway, we came across this puzzle/game, and I wanted so badly to just buy it. Photo instead. I hope the kids playing this game are intellEgent enough to not pay attention to the poorly-spelled English.

3. Random But (a little less) Amusing Thing #3

No photo for this one, but it's a daily event. Don't ask me why, but every single day at about 4:30 or 5 p.m., Gmail stops working. Either that, or it's really really slow. (And hey, my work email is through Gmail too, so it's not like I'm just upset that I can't Gchat you all after 4:30 p.m.) I'm not sure if it's an NPH network thing or a weird country-of-Guatemala thing, but it's pretty weird (um, and a little bit annoying). I mentioned it to my house one day though, and Celeste confirmed that it happens to her too. So, I'm not crazy! Weird though, right?

Ok, back to story-writing!

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